Why You Should Target Organic Search for your Online Business

Learn how to use organic search to drive more visitors to your website in ten minutes. (Or less if you’re a quick reader).

Internet searches are an enormous source of traffic for a website. Or they can be, if your website actually makes it into the list of search results.

It’s why targeting organic search is a key part of digital marketing strategy when promoting an online business.

But who decides the order websites appear in on internet search results? And, the real question, how do you get your website nearer the top of the list?

A beginner’s guide to internet search engine algorithms

Internet search engines like Google and Bing (even Ask, if the other two are on fire) connect people to online information. We bash in a search term, and these search engines try to work out the most useful answers.

The success of search engines like Google is based on them providing a good service to their users. Showing a list of any old nonsense that has nothing to do with a search just won’t cut it.

Instead, search engines use horrifically complicated algorithms to rank web pages organically. The algorithm is designed to find the most reliable, authoritative and interesting answer in relation to a search.

Each web page is assigned a score based on how well it ticks the algorithm’s boxes. The higher the ranking score, the nearer the top of the list you go.

The top of the list is where we all want out websites to appear. It’s the most visible spot, and therefore more likely to help increase traffic to a website.

How does organic search targeting work?

Targeting organic search is all about getting the right audience to the right website. As well as optimising content for a particular audience, working within Google’s guidelines helps search engines understand a website’s content. This means that your optimised content is appearing in the search results of its intended audience.

If your architecture agency appears in search results for buying socks online, will the user be interested in what you’re selling? Probably not. What a wasted opportunity.

By targeting organic search, you draw attention to what your website is about. This way, Google will list it in search results which are actually relevant. Like local search results for ‘architects near me’.

The search algorithm will make decisions which consider the reliability and authority of a website. This is why an algorithm will rank website A over website B, when they both seem relevant. Targeting your audience through their organic search results involves being the reliable online expert. It appeals to potential customers just as much as search engines.

What’s the difference between paid search and organic search?

Paid results more commonly go by the name of Pay-Per-Click (PPC). These are the ones that are shown as ads in search results. Buying that position is basically like a blind auction, bidding for the best spot. The biggest budget tends to win.

Organic results happen naturally, without the position being paid for. These are the pages that a search engine’s algorithm thinks are most valuable to the user in relation to their search.

Should I use PPC or organic targeting?

This really depends on what you need to achieve, and when.

PPC is a bit like cooking with gas. Switch it on, stuff starts happening. Switch it back off, everything stops. It’s terrific if you’re running a special offer, or are doing something time sensitive. PPC can be useful long term, but because you’re bidding for position it gets expensive in competitive sectors.

Organic search is less immediate, but more sustained. Optimising a website for organic search gives it a stable foundation for solid sales growth.

Organic targeting also allows us to really drill down and target an audience. This creates quality traffic to a website, providing visitors who are more likely to convert into customers.

We are organic search specialists, optimising websites to appear where genuine customers will find them. Talk to us about how we can help grow your web sales by calling 020 3355 8069, or get a free SEO review of your website.

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