Why Aren’t Customers Buying from my Online Shop?

Converting website visitors into online customers

According to Google Analytics, your website traffic is bouncing off the charts. So where are all the online sales? Or if you’re in a real conundrum – what on earth is Google Analytics? We explain how to improve your website sales, and which tools to use for the job. Straight from the organic SEO agency’s mouth.

A quick introduction to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a digital tool for measuring data about the visitors who come to your website. You can use it to drill down through traffic data, and learn more about who they are, where they come from, and how they behave on the site.

The data reveals where the problems are in terms of getting sales through your website, so they can be fixed more effectively. For instance, nobody visiting the site needs a different solution to lots of visitors, but no sales.

For those that want a really detailed tour of Google Analytics, we recommend their very own Analytics Academy. This explains how to set digital analytics tools up on your website, and how to use them.

Is there anybody there?

Yup, if the data tells you that nobody is even coming to your website, that’s a good place to start! There are several methods for boosting website traffic, some more useful than others. But as the boss is fond of reminding everyone, lots of visitors don’t necessarily mean lots of sales. Catchphrases such as this make him terrific at his job, and scintillating at dinner parties.

Joking aside, it’s a great point. If your Google Analytics figures start to perk up, but sales don’t, then you have a different kind of problem. This is where a strategic, targeted approach to organic search or Pay-Per-Click advertising can do a lot to help.

Rather than bringing vast amounts of any-old-visitor to your website, use the data to target people who will actually be interested in buying from you. Concentrating efforts on getting the right people to the right products is more efficient, and is likely to generate more sales for you.

Are web visitors falling off your website?

Now the data is telling you that the right visitors are coming to your website. Still no sales? The SEO agency version of ‘is it plugged in’? is ‘have you clicked your own Buy Now button?’ It is the easiest thing – easy to test, and very easy to forget to do it. Zero judgement here. Make test purchases on your products, using all payment methods, and with any variations that might make a shopping cart fall over.

If everything works normally, take a look at where the exits on your site are happening. These can be found in the ‘page exits’ part of Google Analytics. They will show you which pages visitors are looking at when they click away from the site. If one (or several) pages have a stand-out high exit rate, get it straight on the naughty step.

The content may need a refresh, or there might not be an adequate call-to-action (something which prompts your visitor to take an action). It could even be that the page has broken links so your user is unable to navigate to the next page. Have a really good look at everything on there, or ask for someone else’s perspective. A fresh set of eyes might spot a problem you’re too close to see.

As an organic SEO agency, we have a lot of second-set-of-eyes experience and knowhow. Call us for a chat about how our services can help improve your website sales, on 020 3355 8069, or email hello@teamorganic.co.uk. You can also get an absolutely free SEO audit of your website.

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