What Video Marketing Mistakes Am I Making?

More people than ever are learning information and being entertained by watching videos. Naturally this means a lot of businesses are leaping into video marketing, but with varying levels of success.

If you are considering cracking the camera out, or have already made the jump, here are some questions to consider. They might just help take your video marketing up a few levels.

Is my video too promotional?

How on earth could a promotional video be too promotional? Very easily. The content that you provide, in any medium, shouldn’t ever be just about all the reasons why you’re great. People don’t want to watch it.

Video content is much better received if it’s informative, interesting, or entertaining, so rather than focusing on your business, focus on the viewer. Your videos should be fulfilling a need for them, whilst also adding value.

Is my video too long?

If your video is long just for the sake of it, then it’s too long. It’s a case of ‘how long is a piece of string?’. If the story needs time to tell, then tell it, but it shouldn’t turn into a vanity project. If you have a lot of detail that you’d like to include, it might be better to turn each element into a clip in its own right.

Should I consider SEO for my video marketing?

The short answer here is yes. And, ok, we’re an SEO agency so obviously we think it’s important, but remember this. There are lifetimes of video footage on the internet. Millenia. Applying SEO tactics gives you a much better shot of being the one at the top.

That means building an SEO strategy, researching keywords, and writing great titles, metadata and video descriptions. Doing the groundwork helps search engines understand what your video is about, so it will be included it as a relevant search result; where it will be found by the people you want to watch it.

How do I include a call to action in my video?

Video marketing typically includes a call to action such as a verbal or on-screen prompt. Consider what action you want your viewer to perform, such as subscribing for more content or going to your website, and then show how it will benefit the viewer. Enjoyed this video? Subscribe for more. Interested in this product? Head over to my website to learn more.

Not everyone watches to the end, so don’t be shy about using an onscreen prompt mid way, as long as it follows the golden rule of promotion. Don’t annoy your audience! 

Do I need to worry about my editing or production quality?

The video content that you publish should be the very best quality that you can achieve. It’s a hugely competitive medium, so better quality production will stand out.

If you’re brand new to this then it’s probably wise to master the basics, down at the cheaper end of the scale. This means your smartphone’s camera and some basic video editing software, both of which can achieve great results. Try to avoid to falling into the trap of ‘all the gear and no idea’, – having great kit doesn’t guarantee success.

That said, investing in the right equipment can give you a decent head start. This might include a decent camera, a tripod, lighting, microphones and professional editing software. Or if you’re in a rush – do some research to find an agency or freelancer who is capable of providing the results you’re after, at a price you’re happy to pay.

Should I pay attention to viewer stats on my videos?

Viewer statistics are just like website analytics. Stats are absolutely crucial for understanding who is watching, and how they behave during the show. 98% of your audience exiting the video thirty seconds in might indicate what to do differently next time.

When it comes to analytics you might even find some interesting surprises, such as a whole demographic that you never would have thought were interested in your products or services.

For the giggles, treatment creams for piles are a marvellous example. Apparently they’re not just for the treatment of piles it seems, but also a beauty essential of overtired fashionistas wanting to shrink the bags under their eyes. Data is everything!

Learn more about our data analysis services, or call us for a chat on 020 3355 8069. We won’t make you talk about piles, don’t worry.

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