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Social media services

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Keep your social ear to the ground

Open up your online communication with customers and create your online voice with our help. We’ll help you build trust and your brand with a responsive social media network.

By opening up new contact channels via social media, you give customers a great way to provide feedback.

Social media services for your small business

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Everyone seems to have at least one for private use. Don’t mistake this with a business social media account, that is a totally different animal altogether!

A business social media account requires lots and lots of attention, building business communities and offering quality content are just a few things that need to be done on a daily basis.

By building a responsive social media network, you can create an online ‘voice’ for your business. It opens doors to business opportunities and offers a clear path for customers to your business.

A successful business must have solid communication lines in place with customers, a social media network brings this and more! Know what your customers ‘want’ in real time, what products or offers they would be interested in.

Market data via your social networks can be a valuable tool to help service your customers and keep them happy.

The Team Organic social media service also keeps an ear out on the web to see who is talking about your brand. You will have the ability to respond to any positive or negative comments; this is a great way to avoid long standing negative reviews and also thank anyone posting a positive experience.

Not only does having an active social network bring in new web traffic, keeps your current customers happy and a way to spread news about your business, it keeps Google happy. Search engines love the fact that you are interacting with customers and offering great content to visitors.