Pandle, along with The Accountancy Partnership, is another long-serving client of Team Organic’s.

Delivering affordable, intuitive cloud-accounting software, we wanted Pandle’s bespoke services to be reflected via its website, social media presence and through clear, discernible copy.


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The challenge was to represent Pandle’s intuitive software through clean and simple website design. Following from this, we had to compete against akin software solutions using effective marketing strategies such as SEO and social media management.



We built Pandle’s website from the ground up, turning Pandle’s creative concept into a seamless, user-friendly, reality. Our team synchronised with Pandle’s software developers from the offset, to ensure the Pandle brand remained innovative and consistent throughout. 


Our work has resulted in a high-ranking, cutting-edge website, which attracts an abundance of traffic and interest from all over the world.

After reaching out to websites with similar audiences to Pandle’s – and providing them with feature releases to promote the Pandle brand we have helped Padle to rank higher in search and to attract the right target market for their business.

Through faultless handling of Pandle’s onsite SEO and full-proof social media coverage, Team Organic has enabled Pandle to grow rapidly, in a short time frame. This has meant that Pandle is now launching into the US market with a .com domain.

From the client

“Team Organic are highly supportive of what Pandle wants to achieve. They provide high quality SEO and social media management, so we can get on developing Pandle for our users.”

Lee Murphy, Managing Director