How to Create a Standout Meet the Team Page

To the untrained eye, a Meet the Team page is nothing much more than an epic way to waste 20 minutes in the afternoon. Scrolling through employee bios, purely to satisfy an insatiable nosiness to know more about people’s lives.

To those with more intel however, a well-designed, well-populated Meet the Team page can actually bring a number of cool benefits to the table. Not cool like James Bond in a car chase kind of cool, but cool as in good for your business, brand perception, and SEO. Lovely, beautiful, organic SEO.

What are the benefits of a Meet the Team page?

In addition to introducing the company culture and how your business is perceived, your Meet the Team page will also:

  • Give you another opportunity to sell what is unique about the business, and how you operate
  • Familiarise new and existing customers with the business and its staff, helping to make it more approachable
  • Help you remind your audience about what it is that you do, whilst ticking some SEO and engagement boxes
  • Score some natural keywords

For those reasons alone, it’s worth pouring some time and creativity into coming up with your unique interpretation of a team page. So how to get started?

Have some good quality team photographs taken

Whether you’re doing it yourself or leaving it to the professionals, quality photos are definitely something worth investing in. It’s good to have some personality on there, but be wary of coming over as unnecessarily quirky.

Nothing kills the vibe quite like an awkward smile holding a random prop. The key is to come across as trustworthy, warm, approachable. The kind of people that your audience want to do business with!

Bio information can be both fun and functional

The content used on a Meet the Team page does two jobs: tells your customers why they should hire you, and who they will be dealing with when they do.

The information provided should be something personable, that an audience can relate to, as well as informative. For instance, including a person’s length of service, position within the business, and the particular skills they bring to the team.

Find that sweet spot between fun and function. No client or customer ever needs know how many hotdogs you can cram into your mouth after a couple of pints. But people do love company pets.

Go for GIFs, animation or graphics if photos aren’t your thing

Some staff might not want their photos taking and splashing all over the internet and this is just something you’ll need to respect. Get creative with digital art to come up an awesome alternative.

If you’d like to talk about what we can do for your brand and its visibility in online search, let us know! Call 020 3355 8069, or email

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