Getting Started with Building an Instagram Audience

There are lots of ways to build an audience on any social media network. On Instagram in particular, there are over 95 million posts made every day, which is a big crowd to try and stand out from.

Here are a few of the basics to get you started with Instagram success.

  • Instagram is a highly visual format, so the more interesting and unusual your posts, the more your audience will engage with it.
  • Using hashtags to caption your post will help the right people find you. By ‘the right people’, we mean those that are searching for the topics that you use to tag your post.
  • Research your hashtags. There are some juggernauts out there, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are right for you. Keeping your tags relevant means that the people who find your posts will actually be interested in your content, and therefore more likely to interact with it or delve deeper.
  • Think about the $1.80 strategy. Don’t let the name fool you, it’s actually free! It works by you searching for the top 10 most relevant hashtags. Now find the top 9 posts for each hashtag. Leave a meaningful comment (your two cents worth!) and 10 tags multiplied by 9 posts at $0.02 each is $1.80.
  • Be consistent in your audience building. Doing a massive hit, and then nothing for a few weeks will mean that anyone interested quickly loses Keep sharing that highly relevant content with the right audience, and even the fickle online public can be pretty loyal.
  • Review what you’re doing. Is it working? Is your audience still the same, or has the nature of what you’re doing changed so now you need to appeal to a whole new demographic? Regularly reviewing everything will make sure that you’re still current and therefore not going to lose your hard earned followers.
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