Affordable and safe website hosting

For a small fee, we’re now offering clients the opportunity to have their website hosted with us.

We’ll take care of the set up, the management and any issues with an affordable and safe service.

Securing your site

We’re able to transfer your website from http to https.

This means your site will be secure and trusted by your customers. This switch is becoming a must in the eyes of Google, which is why you should actively seek to create a secure site for your customers.


What is website hosting?

Website hosting involves handling the space your website will be built on, a bit like the land you’d build a house on. You’d want that to be safe and secure wouldn’t you? Well your website is no different!

Is it easy to switch?

If you already have your website hosted elsewhere, we can easily switch it over to our own host, making for a seamless transition for your website. We take care of the whole process from start to finish.

Get a free website review

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Setting up your website

Do you also need a website creating for you?

If you’re yet to get your website off the ground, we can help. We’ll enlist in the help of a website designer who will help us create your website. While they’re busy getting creative, we’ll manage the set up of your hosting.


All your services in one place

We want to make your life a little easier

By signing up for website hosting with us, you’re able to rest easy in the comfort of knowing that all your digital services are in one place – so if there are any issues you know just who to talk to, and don’t have to run around the houses to try and get an answer.