Free SEO audit for your website

Why isn’t your site receiving much traffic? Why aren’t visitors being converted into customers?

The correct diagnosis is vital, so we always start with a full technical SEO and digital marketing audit.


How does an SEO audit work?

SEO and marketing audit scores are based on multiple factors.

  • We’ll analyse the technical performance of the website, and how it responds in search.
  • We’ll also carry out a user experience (known as UX in the trade) review to identify how users behave on the site.

Our findings will be sent to you as a report detailing which bits of your website work well for customers and SEO, and what needs attention.

How is an SEO audit report used?

Your SEO audit feeds our strategy to boost your website’s search engine performance.

Website analysis allows us to identify what’s hurting your website’s SEO. It’s our years of hard-won experience that help us apply this knowledge to great effect. Helping businesses bridge the digital gap between their brand and their customers is key. We’re that bridge.

How can Team Organic help your business?

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