5 Different Types of Content to Try on Your Blog

You see it again and again. The same churned-out, unoriginal content that makes small business blogs laughable. It’s regurgitated advice that clogs up timelines and leaves readers bored.

So, how can you shake it up? How can you make your audience want to read your blog, and respect you as an authoritative source on everything related to your business and industry? The best thing to do is update your blog regularly with relevant, interesting and most importantly, original posts. Here are just a few of the different types of content you can cover to help you get your readers engaged.

Industry news5 Different Types of Content to Try on Your Blog

One of the topics that should be at the forefront of your blog is any news relevant to the industry in which the business operates. This doesn’t mean you’re required to cover every movement by every business rival, but reporting on the big news pieces will keep your writing relevant and interesting.

If a reader wishes to know more in-depth information, they can find this on the relevant news sites. The purpose of your blog is to keep your website appropriate, readers interested and traffic coming through. If you fail to report on the stories that affect them most, your website will be in danger of becoming outdated very quickly.


Alongside the hard facts, it’s useful to throw some of your own opinions in the mix. Make sure these are always clearly explained as opinion and not fact; failing to do so might get you piled in amongst the ‘fake news’, which is somewhere you definitely don’t want your blog to end up.

You can treat opinion pieces as an advice column, a commentary on news or how-to methods. As long as it’s relevant to the website, and of course doesn’t cause offence, you should do your best to open up to your audience – they’ll appreciate honesty and will enjoy getting a behind-the-scenes version of your website.


If you do decide to opt for advice pieces for your site, make sure to keep it relevant, relatable and interesting! Advice pieces can help others who are in the same situations, so make sure you focus on issues that you think a few others will be facing too.

When writing advice pieces, short paragraphs and to-the-point writing will be the best bet for keeping readers interested and for getting your point across as simply as possible.

Fun and interesting

Keeping some pieces of your blog light-hearted and fun will be beneficial for the website as it will change the tone and show readers you don’t take yourselves too seriously.

It’s important to remember that some blogs won’t suit these pieces. For example, funeral directors may want to steer clear of anything that might come across too light-hearted for fear of being insensitive – it’s likely that those searching for a funeral director may not be in the mood for humour.


If there’s big news in the country that will affect your industry, you should create an interesting angle and publish a piece on it on your blog.

Not only will this serve as advice for your readers, but topical pieces will get more people interested and considering your blog as an authoritative and timely content creator, meaning they’ll be more likely to return to you and view you as a credible source.

Get topical by keeping yourself up to date on the biggest national and international news that will concern your readers. Staying updated will also help you in your business on a daily basis, as you’ll be the first to know about any changes, and will be able to prepare your business accordingly.

What content do you share on your small business’ blog? Leave your ideas in the comment section below!

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