TechCrunch recently reported a brand new update by; a scheduling system for your social media channels. Now, you can not only schedule when your blog posts go live but also when they’re posted on your social media accounts, from right within the interface.

With around 79.2 million new posts each month, is boasting some serious user stats, including well-known names such as TechCrunch and CNN as users of the service; so it’s quite surprising to only now get features you think would be a priority for these types of businesses.

Though obviously not as powerful as other scheduling tools such as Buffer, Sprout Social or Hoot Suite, having a scheduling tool built into WordPress definitely going to make a difference to a lot of people who still manually post their latest blog posts and articles across their social media networks.

You can read the official update blog from WordPress here.

The introduction of a social media scheduling tool comes hot on the heels of an update to the social media icons available to all users, suggesting WordPress have put some serious thought into the services they provide in this social media focused world we live takes on scheduling tools with latest update

So what’s the catch?

If like many users you use their free service then I’m afraid the new scheduling feature won’t be available to you without upgrading to Premium.

This could put a lot of bloggers off, especially if you’ve already set up scheduling tools elsewhere, as most offer more advanced features such as detailed reporting and the ability to host multiple social media accounts, if you were, for example, writing for a number of different blogs and their associated social networks.

With sophisticated social scheduling services already widely available and new companies appearing all the time, could this be too little too late from WordPress?

Have you tried the new scheduling tool? Let us know your thoughts in the comments

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