To get ahead, you need to be creative. For start-ups the key to marketing effectively is getting creative and thinking up new ideas. When you join social media, you might find it difficult to get people to interact. You’ll find many similar businesses are trying to stand out and share interesting updates and content that it can put off readers rather than encourage.

One way of getting your company noticed is to do something unexpected. Social media users will only share content that is relevant, interesting and evokes some kind of emotion. Keep this in Social media planmind when you’re setting up your accounts, and don’t be afraid to break some boundaries.


Video marketing is the new trend for 2016. 90 percent of online shoppers said they found a video helpful when deciding whether to buy a product. That’s a big portion of your market who are heading to your competitor because you aren’t posting videos.

You’ll need to grab the attention of your customers in the first 10 seconds of your video, which makes social media the perfect outlet for your video content. If it’s short and explanatory it will capture the attention of a wider audience.


If you’re just starting out you should consider hosting a workshop or community event in your space to get people curious about your business. It’s a kind of community networking that will get people talking about your business and interested in the event.

Advertise this to local communities on social media to get a wider gathering at your event. You could even include your video marketing strategy in your workshop and shoot a video of you announcing the event with subsequent videos of the preparation and event itself.

Live Updates

Another way to include customers in your business is to post live updates. If you’ve got a networking event coming up or a holiday that’s relevant to your business send regular updates and post pictures of shoppers to keep your followers in the loop.

Be careful though, this should be an irregular event. Posting live updates on a daily basis can get old quickly. Don’t drown your followers out with noise or by letting them know you’re eating an orange. Always keep tweets relevant and interesting.

Interesting Content

One of the main ways businesses are engaging customers is through either their own content or sharing content from others. A mixture of these is the perfect balance for getting more followers and likes. It also comments on your mutual interest with your customers – if you’re sharing the content they want to see then you obviously have something in common!

The first step to doing this is by creating your own blog. You might decide to do it yourself or employ a copywriter or outsource to a freelancer. If the former, make sure you schedule time for regular updates; being the director of a company doesn’t allow for a lot of spare time! If the latter, then make sure you speak about the kind of content you need and what your customers are interested in.


If you’re not ready for video content but you want to spruce up your blog, you should make it visually appealing. Hopefully you’ll have a decent website that’s ready for your public, but to make it visually stimulating you should include some artwork.

Again, this is probably a job best outsourced to a freelancer – even if you are worried about the cost! It’s much better to have a visually interesting site rather than one where you’ve attempted to use Photoshop and it has gone horribly wrong.

What’s your plan of action for social media in 2016? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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