Twitter announced last Tuesday that they would be opening up use of Twitter Moments to every user.

Previously Moments were “created by [Twitter’s] curation team and a select group of publishing partners”. However, now “influencers, partners [and] brands” can create their own Moments to share with their audiences, while everyone else will have access “in the coming months”.

Twitter’s aim is to bring new and dormant users to the site, a feat that was hoped to be achieved when Moments was released last October.

Tech Crunch reported at the end of July that Twitter user count was up just 3% year-over-year, proving Moments unsuccessful in its mission.

Twitter hopes that rolling out the feature for everyone will encourage user interaction and sharing within their own networks, as well as the recruitment of new users to the platform.

While they will have the same format and features, users’ Moments won’t appear in the tab like Twitter’s own Moments, but will instead appear live in a dedicated tab on their profiles.

Promoted Moments

Using Moments as a brand shouldn’t be confused with Promoted Moments, where a brand can pay (a reported $1 million) to be featured. These appear in the main Moments feed, but are marked with a promoted badge.

Here’s an example of how a promoted Moment looks on mobile:

Twitter Moments For All How Your Brand Can Benefit

Benefits for brands

While large brands are already able to upload their own Moments, small businesses will have to wait a little longer.

When it is released for everyone, there will be multiple benefits for both individuals and businesses.

One of the most useful benefits for businesses will be the ability to curate the best performing Tweets into one Moment. This will increase engagement and force brands to understand how their social media sites are performing; resulting in a better understanding of target audiences.

If you want to boost reach with Moments, you can use it in conjunction with Twitter Ads to promote it to a larger audience.

See how Allure, Budweiser and Nike are using Twitter Moments to benefit their brands below.


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Written by Lauren Wise – Online Content and Social Media Executive

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