Twitter vice president, Ed Ho, has announced some “long overdue fixes” coming to Twitter that will target harassment on the platform.

In a series of tweets Ho said Twitter will be “rolling out a number of product changes in the days ahead”, emphasising the speed of these changes; “we’re thinking about progress in days and hours not weeks and months”.

Twitter has been criticised heavily for its lack of reaction to online harassment and threats across the platform. Ho addressed this criticism, admitting “we didn’t move fast enough”.

While some changes will be obvious to Twitter users, the social network also promises to make behind the scenes changes, updating users on each development as it is implemented. Twitter has commented that what users will see will be improvements to the mute and block features that are currently available.

Ho also confronted the struggle Twitter have faced with internet trolls who create multiple accounts, announcing that new anti-harassment tools will be aimed at “stopping repeat offenders from creating accounts”.

CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, placed emphasis on these changes by retweeting Ho’s tweet and assuring users that Twitter is “taking a completely new approach to abuse”.

This follows Dorsey’s tweet last year, which asked users what the company should look to change in the New Year. Multiple users echoed the same response; that tackling harassment and threats should be top priority.

Will it be enough?

Previously Twitter has vowed to make changes to their handling of harassment on the platform, but it all fell short in the eyes of users and was heavily criticised.

In the past Twitter have banned controversial accounts, which users branded as an unacceptable response to harassers who could easily set up new accounts. As a consequence, among the many users who have left the platform due to ongoing harassment from internet trolls were high profile activists and celebrities.

It remains to be seen if these promised changes will be enough to make a serious impact to how harassment is handled on Twitter, but all will be revealed in the coming days.

What do you think? Will Twitter’s changes coming this week be enough to stop internet trolls? Or is there already too much damage done?  Leave your comments in the section below or let us know your thoughts over on Twitter.

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