With the traditional 9-5 working model in a rapid process of dissolution and modern technology always on the rise, the relationship between your business and your various devices is becoming increasingly important. Whether you’re still sticking to the trusty smartphone or feeling inspired by the new wave of wearable technology, here are the top 10 apps that you need to download to keep your small business buzzing on the go.

In no particular order…

Invoice2Go – One of the most popular web applications in the business world, Invoice2Go is now compatible with Apple Watch, as well as iPhone and iPad. The service allows you to send free apps for small businessesinvoices, generate estimates, track purchase orders and keep on top of deadlines using real-time technology, just to name a few. Data is securely synched across devices so you can have peace of mind, knowing your records are fully protected.

BoxMeUp – Although this app is currently only available for Android users, BoxMeUp has fast become a go-to service for small business owners. Handy for those of you with lots of storage boxes, this app enables you to establish (you and only you) what is inside each container by logging the contents and generating corresponding, printable QR labels.

Streak – Essentially, Streak is a simplified, streamlined CRM system that is ideal for small businesses who haven’t got the database or finances to justify expensive software. Working with cloud software, Gmail and Google Apps, this service allows you to easily tend to organisational tasks such as customer records, email management, event organisation and new business leads by generating different ‘pipelines’. Streak also recently released an update which includes read receipts on outgoing emails – gotcha!

PayPal – An increasing number of retail stores, restaurants and cafes are letting their customers pay via this online transactional application so it’s probably time you hopped on board the PayPal bandwagon too. The service allows you to make, take and manage instant monetary transactions with extreme ease and secure efficiency. What’s not to love about this popular ‘digital wallet’?

Skype – Forget long train journeys and days away from the office dashing across the country for various important business meetings. Who needs that kind of sheer inconvenience when Skype is on hand to fill the gaps? This service supports video and voice calls, as well as instant messaging, which means far-flung business meetings and conferences have never been easier.

Twitter – Like this one really needs any introduction, right? The Twitter app means you can keep on top of your online presence and social media marketing whether you’re on the bus, at the gym or even sitting on the toilet (come on, we all do it). Respond quickly to customer interaction and provide reactionary content to keep your audience engaged. Instagram and Facebook are amongst the other popular social media platforms that offer free web application versions of themselves too.

Google Drive – This web application uses your Gmail account to ensure that all of your important files are stored safely on one central drive so you can access them from wherever you need to. Whether you’re sat at your desk, on the evening commute or attending an important business meeting, you can pull up your documents quickly and easily, even in offline mode. Files can be accessed from any smartphone, tablet or computer and shared with ease.

Expensify – Described as a virtual accountant, Expensify means you can keep your finances in order even when your day is a hectic whirlwind of chaos. This app allows users to keep track of time, clock working hours, track mileage and stay on top of business travel expenses. The service negates the need for piles of paperwork with its handy receipt scanner and ability to import card transactions. Business Insider dubbed this The Best Business Travel App and we can see why!

Basecamp – In a nutshell, Basecamp is a pretty nifty task management application that means you can keep simultaneous control over a number of different projects. Upload documents, share files, check in, join discussions, monitor and edit-to do lists and generally keep everything in order no matter where you are. Time and team management is vital for the success and efficiency of any business so the Basecamp app will fast become your best buddy.

CamCard – Okay, so we might have told a little white lie but it was only for your benefit, we promise. The CamCard app isn’t free, technically speaking, but 79p is real steal for something that offers such invaluable simplification of an everyday process. Business cards are so easily lost or damaged but with this application, you can use the card scanner and text-recognition software to automatically back the data up on your device.

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