For the last in the current series of #teamorganicFAQs we’re going to finish on the most commonly asked question; “Why isn’t my website bringing in business?” When a business approaches us, this is usually their main concern, and with good reason! Why pay for a website when it’s not pulling its weight in growing the business?

Here are some of the common reasons your website isn’t bringing in the business you deserve.

Poor web design

#teamorganicFAQs – Why isn’t my website bringing in business?When starting out as a business, the cost of getting a professional website built can be eye watering, so instead, you may decide to build it yourself or have a friend who knows a little about web design and will do it cheap, or free.

Though you might be pointing potential customers towards your website through word of mouth or networking events, the user experience may be of such a low standard that it causes any potential customers to leave soon afterwards. Additionally, if there’s no SEO (search engine optimisation) management then you’re missing out on traffic that even a low-quality website might attract.

No SEO on the website

OK, so you paid out a significant sum of money to have a professional website built for your business, but you’re still not getting the results.

A very crisp and profession site, but with no management of how it performs in search results, is a common situation we come across. As mentioned before, without SEO, you’re very unlikely to be showing in search engine results, and so missing out on vital web traffic, and this is certainly one of the main reasons you’re not seeing business come through your website.

Check out our previous #teamorganicFAQs “Do I really need SEO on my website?” to find out what SEO does and why you need it.

No one is linking to your website

By this, we mean that your website isn’t being talked about anywhere else on the web. To get this to happen, you need to engage in digital marketing. When your website is featured elsewhere, any links on that feature will drive traffic to your site, thus increasing the chance of leads turning into sales.

This can be done by reaching out to online publications or industry blogs who would be willing to feature your website or accept a guest blog post written by you. A digital marketing agency such as Team Organic would engage in this activity on your behalf and ensure organic links are gained.

Google have told you off (but you haven’t had the memo)

Allow us to talk SEO for just a moment. If you’ve had poor SEO techniques employed on your website in the past, then you may have received a penalty from Google for something your website is doing that goes against their guidelines.

This sort of penalty can only be seen on what is called the Google Search Console. Left unattended your website could be left out of the main pages of search results, ultimately, not being seen by potential customers. By employing an SEO agency, a Google penalty can be corrected and recovered from by using a genuine and organic SEO strategy.

Is your website not bringing in the business you want? At Team Organic we would be happy to review your website for FREE here. In our review, we suggest ways you and we can make improvements to your website and get it working hard for your business.

Phil is the Digital Account Manager for Team Organic. With a background in business banking and a passion for Social Media he takes his job seriously with a cheeky smile on his face!