Team Organic Tries Sprout SocialWe’re back again with some more opinions. This time we’re rating the social media management tool, Sprout Social.

Read on to see what the team thought…

What version of Sprout Social do you use?

Kara: Chrome, sometimes the Chrome extension.

Phil: I’ve briefly used the Google Chrome version as well as the iOS version.

Lauren: Both on Google Chrome and the Chrome extension.

What feature do you find most useful?

Kara: I think the Smart Inbox is handy so that you can see notifications from all the different social profiles that you manage. From there you can then reply from the relevant account without having to log into each profile individually.

Phil: I found searching for scheduled posts quite easy (that’s why I was using it).

Lauren: The Smart Inbox is great for easily seeing the relevant messages and getting back to the within a reasonable timescale. I also like the calendar as you can clearly see what posts are coming up in next few weeks, and edit them without having to leave the page.

Are there any features you think could be improved?

Kara: I think the Chrome extension struggles with Facebook. If you want to share a blog post on Twitter, the extension automatically adds the name of the post but doesn’t with Facebook so it ends up not being any quicker.

Phil: Moving between the different social channels I found quite difficult and confusing on both Chrome and iOS.

Lauren: I don’t find the feeds particularly helpful or clear. If I want to engage with new conversations I’ll head straight to the platform rather than use Sprout.

Do you use the reports? If so, how useful do you find them?

Kara: The reports are really useful because you can take a look at how each of your profiles compare with each other and easily look at previous months. They’re also easy to export and share with colleagues or clients.

Lauren: Clients have found the reports really helpful as they can easily track the progression of their social channels and see how Team Organic can help organically grow their following and increase their post reach with a digital marketing strategy.

What social platform do you think Sprout Social works best with and which does it not work so well with?

Kara: I think it works best with Twitter, especially with the Chrome extension. It’s a shame that you can’t use it for Pinterest, especially considering how that’s grown in popularity in social media marketing.

Phil: Twitter seemed to be the easiest to post for.

Lauren: Twitter is definitely the easiest to schedule for. Facebook doesn’t integrate that well with Sprout, which is a shame. It would also be great to see more channels supported by Sprout, in particular Pinterest.

What function would you like to see included in Sprout Social?

Kara: Can’t think of anything I would add. I’d just like to see more flexibility with how many profiles you can add to each plan because there’s a massive price difference between them.

Phil: A clearer UI for finding your social channels.

Lauren: An extension for Safari! I couldn’t understand why there would be one for Chrome and wouldn’t be one for Safari, it made life a bit more difficult when scheduling large volumes of content.

Have you used Sprout Social before? What’s your favourite feature and what would you see improved? Leave your comments in the section below or tell us on Twitter or Facebook!

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