As a digital marketing team, it’d be pretty silly if we didn’t take advantage of all the latest apps and gadgets.

Since we’ve been using Slack for the last four months, we wanted to share our thoughts with teams who might be thinking of trying it out.

First thing’s first, what is Slack?

Slack is a messaging app tailored for working teams. It aims to be a casual answer to the office email, where multiple team members can engage in conversation and share files.

Here are some of thoughts from Lee, Kara, Phil and myself (Lauren) on Slack for teams, and if we think it’s worth trying in your office.slacklogo

What have you found most useful about the app?

Phil: The ability to share files and links effortlessly with everyone on my team in one go has been invaluable when discussing projects or client work.

Kara: It’s quick and easy to keep up to date and communicate with various team members. It’s also useful to see who is online, particularly if you’re communicating with colleagues in different offices.

What have you found least useful?

Kara: Slack has been difficult to integrate with other programmes such as Trello, which means that it you still have to use Slack in addition to other websites or apps to manage projects as a group.

Lauren: At the beginning the constant messages were frustrating, but once I’d turned off the general message notifications it was much easier to get on and go and check Slack when I needed to. The chatbot integrations aren’t the best either, but I expect this will change as bots develop.

Would you recommend it to other business teams, and why?

Lee: Yes, great tool for individual teams but would not recommend it across different teams.

Phil: Yes. If you run any sort of team especially if you’re spread across different locations then Slack is ideal for communicating and sharing ideas easily.

Are there any features you’d change, or anything you’d like to see added?

Kara: A calendar feature could be useful so that team members could point out upcoming deadlines or projects while discussing them in the same place. That way all team members could see who’s doing what when and potentially get updates to remind them of projects due.

Lauren: The various integrations look interesting, but it’s difficult to know how they’ll work without installing them. A feature where you can see how they work in Slack without having to install them first would be very useful.

How does using Slack compare to sending internal emails, or other forms of internal communication?

Lee: I think it’s a nice chat app but I wouldn’t use it instead of email as internal email often involves clients, forwarding emails etc.

Phil: Slack makes it so much easier and quicker to throw out ideas, links and files to your team all in one go without having to bother with getting the correct email address etc.

Also being able to see everyone’s contribution to the discussing without having to forward on emails saves so much time and reduces the chance of miscommunication.

Do you agree with the team’s thoughts? Or are you here to see what the fuss is about? Drop us a comment below and tell us your thoughts on Slack!

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