Spotify have today announced the arrival their new playlist, Daily Mix.

The playlist is aimed at those who are avid users of Spotify, but don’t have the time to create and update their own playlists. Daily Mix will be an infinite playlist of the listener’s favourite music that refreshes every day, so there’s always something new to listen to.

daily-mix-1It will tap into your history of listened to music, both albums and songs, and use these as a basis for a new “bottomless” daily playlist. The new playlist will appear at the top of the Library section of the app from today.

The streaming service is already largely playlist focus, with facilities for users to create their own playlists, playlists by other users and Spotify Radio and Discover Weekly – a tailored weekly playlist that Spotify revealed has had been used at some point by 40 million of their 100 million users.

Spotify also has plans to introduce a new system of recognising music you like, by allowing users to be able to add a heart to add it to your collection and ban it to banish it.

Each Daily Mix has 15 songs and a total of six playlists, with each mix based on music that is in the same or similar genre.

Matthew Ogle, product manager at Spotify, told TechCrunch; “When we started we were just a search box and millions of tracks, and today the most engaged users are the people who maintain and built [sic] and keep their playlists up to date,”

He continued, “But as we grow we attract music lovers who don’t want to put that effort in and do that day to day, so we hope that this will bring that kind of engagement to them.”

What this means for your content strategy

Personalised content is something we’re seeing more of as Facebook algorithms only allow users to see content from pages they’ve previously liked, and Instagram and Twitter are beginning to mimic a similar strategy.daily-mix-2

However, Spotify’s extension to daily tailored music playlists shows us that no area of content will go untouched in the personalisation process.

Your content strategy will become more personalised than ever, and you’ll need to keep up if you want to hit the right audience and keep them interested. You might think this doesn’t affect how you create content. However, it will affect how it’s received by readers, on what platform, and who sees it.

So, what can you do? Be aware. Until platforms make changes to personalise content for readers further, you need to know it’s something that’s on the cards, and could affect your entire content marketing strategy.

In preparation, you can get your content team to come up with personalised content for specific audiences and have them on the backburner. This way, if your content becomes considered too generic, to be personalised you’ll be ready to bring out tailored content at the drop of a hat.

What do you think of Spotify’s new playlist and the future of content? Drop us a comment below!

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