Snapchat released Snap Publisher last month along with Ad Manager, both of which will make it easier for small business owners to advertise on the social media platform.

Small business owners will now be able to easily create an advert on Snapchat straight from their browser, without having to invest in expensive video software that requires professional know-how.

Both Snap Publisher and the roll out of Ad Manager come after Snap (the company behind Snapchat) reported a shortfall of earnings from their advertising sector. The loss hit the company after Snapchat’s Stories feature was duplicated by Facebook and Instagram, taking users away from the platform.

Snap’s chief strategy officer, Imran Khan, explained to investors during the first quarter earnings discussion that the aim of the new advertising software was “to put the power of our ad product into the hands of every advertiser, regardless of their size”.

In an effort to renew interest from advertisers on the platform, Snap has created a simple way for small businesses to get the most from the advertising features.

Snap’s Help Center boasts that Snap Publisher will allow advertisers to “customize your Snap Ads with content relevant to your audience, and generate multiple variations to learn which performs best. You’ll even be able to pull assets directly from your website.”

The new software means Snapchat’s advertisements will allow businesses to reach a targeted audience with a simply produced video – a solution suitable for all business types.

Snapchat’s advertisements appear in between Snapchat Stories, and independently on the Stories page.

Not just for teens

Think of Snapchat and you’ll be thinking of teenagers taking pictures to send to their friends, documenting their days and using filters to make their Snaps more fun. However, Snapchat isn’t just a teenage fad anymore.

If you think your small business has no reason to use Snapchat as your products aren’t aimed at teenagers, it’s time to re-evaluate your strategy. In October 2016 Snap announced that over 77% of its UK users are currently over 18 – 43% of them parents.

These stats prove that there’s more for businesses in Snapchat than they may think. Snapchat ads can even make up part of a larger digital marketing strategy, tailored specifically for your target audience.

What’s in it for small businesses?

As the new software is aimed at small businesses, there’s plenty to help SME owners out with their Snapchat ad creation.

Snap Publisher, together with Ad Manager, allow an easy experience for small business owners where they can create an advertising campaign with ease that incorporates as many functions as they need.

In Ad Manager, you can manage who you want to target, the billing side of your ad and track your campaigns. In other words, the control is handed to the small business, rather than a third party advert creator.

Snap Publisher is the video software solution that won’t cost small businesses a small fortune. Instead, you’ll be able to reach a targeted audience on a budget and plan your digital marketing strategy easily.

How to use Snap Publisher

Snap Publisher allows you to use ad templates for varying objectives depending on your campaign strategy. A/B testing is also available as well as the option to create both photos and videos.

Snap Adverts


Head to and choose “Get Started”. You’ll be prompted to sign into your business’ Snapchat account here. Once you’re in, choose the “Create a Snap” option.

From here you’ll be able to upload your own photos, videos and logos, which can be published immediately.

It’s worth noting that while Snap aims to create an easier experience for small businesses, there is still a standard of video they expect. Snap Ads are reviewed by Snap, and those lesser quality ads will often be charged more to be published on the platform. Keep this in mind when it comes to creating your own Snapchat ad.

What do you think of Snapchat’s new publishing feature? Will you be using it as part of your digital marketing strategy? Leave your comments in the section below or come and chat to us over on Twitter!

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