Visual content is the new text.

Your business could be losing out on sales by failing to provide one simply marketing strategy – visual information. Using photos, pictures and video will get you over 100 percent more engagement than your text based content.

SlideShare is the perfect tool for a small business who wants to create engaging content and build a relationship with their customers. With more than 10 million presentation uploads since its slideshareopening in 2006, there are plenty of ways your business can benefit from it.

Attractive Slides

It can do more damage than good to include loads of content in your presentation. Images are more easily consumed by customers, as they can be easily shared.

There’s more to creating an attractive slide than adding lots of pictures together unfortunately, as the information must be reliable and interesting for customers take the step to purchase from you.

The average number of slides per presentation fell by four slides from 2013 to 2014, from 18.8 to 14.4. There were also 29 percent fewer words per slide in 2013 than in 2014. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Although you may be including less words in your slides that only means the quality of them should be higher.

The six most used tags on SlideShare are; business, statistics, social media, market, trends and research. This not only says a lot about the people using SlideShare, but also speaks volumes about who they are marketing them for; businesses who create content for customers.

Keywords are vital to make sure your content reaches the right audience, and to keep your presentation SEO friendly. However, even if you have words that must be included in the presentation, don’t go out of your way to squeeze them in if it doesn’t look right.

How-to Guides

One of the best uses of SlideShare for businesses is creating an easy to follow, comprehensive how-to guide for customers. If you don’t have the facilities to create a video tutorial about your Slideshare for businessproduct, this is the perfect in between. You can take out slides and blend them into a blog post to explain your services.

Not only will this drive traffic to your website, but it will also reduce the amount of time you spend explaining your company to others, when you can simply direct them to the presentation you have created.

Interesting Content

A presentation is only as good as the ideas behind it, which is why specific content might not be as popular as generic content that is available for everyone. So, rather than writing about ‘The Durability of 30 Types of Etching Papers’ try to aim for something more broad in the title – even if you want to get into details in the article.

Titles and articles suited to a wider audience will have more views than specific ones, although remember to keep it interesting and make sure your content is original.

Include Call-to-Action

Once you’ve created a presentation, it’s easy to feel like you’re finished and the audience has everything it needs. Once you’ve completed the presentation remember to include a call-to-action button.

A call-to-action button allows the reader to see easily what you want from them, or how they can find out more information. Adding a call-to-action button increases your transparency to the reader, as they can see exactly what it is you’re looking for from them. Or, if you wish for them to sign up to a newsletter for more information, it allows them to do this easily.

Have you created a SlideShare presentation? Leave the link in the comment below and tell us if it helped your business!

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