If you’re reading this, presumably you’ve been persuaded – quite rightly – that Instagram isn’t just used by people posting pictures of their dinner or their dog. You probably know that Instagram is a part of the Facebook group these days, that its user engagement figures are impressive, and that your business should have an Instagram presence. Perhaps you already have one.

But do you know what you should be posting?

Picture This

Some business owners find it daunting to come up with regular content for a platform that’s image-based. Do you sit there for hours, paralysed, feverishly wondering what you should take a photo Business Instagram Accountof – and in desperation, start taking pictures of your stapler and posting it with the caption ‘just about holding it together’? (Actually, that’s not bad. You can have that one for free).

Fear not. We have some great suggestions.

  • Photos of your products:
    They may not be things of beauty, but unless your business is highly utilitarian (supplying boiler parts, for instance!), pictures of new or bestselling products can attract the interest of customers.
  • ‘How to’ videos:
    Type ‘how to’ into Google or YouTube and you’ll get an idea of jusy how many searches these days are asking the wonderful world wide web how to do something. You could supply the answer via a how to video, whether it’s how to use or assemble a product you sell, how to fit your unique decorative pieces into a room design, or how to use something you sell to achieve a task.
  • Photos of your customers: of course, you’ll need their permission for this, and if you want to tag them, confirm that this is ok too. Competition winners, satisfied customers, purchasers who have used your product successfully and want to show off the end result… the possibilities are endless. Although you can take pictures yourself, a request for customers’ own photos should get a good response.
  • Visual testimonials: encourage your followers to submit photos or videos of themselves in the signature dress from your summer collection/ using your best-selling coloured wood stain on their fence/ with the poodle you expertly groomed! Seeing your products or services in action will attract potential customers and help them ‘buy in’ to what you have to offer; they can see themselves in that dress and imagine how good their fence/poodle will look!
  • Photos of staff: these can bring a human side to your social media presence and go beyond the corporate branding. Cake day? Someone’s birthday? Opening a new office? Launching a product, travelling to a conference, meeting with a new supplier? The 10k run you all did for charity? Snap it, tag it, upload it.
  • Images and Videos That Entertain Or Educate Your Audience
    Trial, error and asking the right questions will allow you to get to know your Instagram audience, helping you discover what they find amusing, newsworthy or useful. So extend your posts beyond promotion and your brand, providing followers with something to giggle at or learn from too.

Of course, if you run a restaurant or a boarding kennel, posting pictures of dogs and dinners on your Instagram account isn’t such a bad idea anyway… So what are you waiting for? Set up a profile, if you haven’t already, and snap away!

Oh – and don’t forget to share links to your Instagram posts on your website and any other platforms you use, too. It’s all about the sharing.

The Team Organic Admin. Keeping everything tidy and neat!