An interesting, creative and well-written blog is the best way to bring get an audience reading your small business’ blog. But how do you make sure they’re the right audience?

Reaching your target audience through content can be a whole other kettle of fish and to be successful, you need to optimise your content just for them. Here are our top tips on how to do just that.

Find out who they areHow to Optimise Content for Your Target Audience

When trying to write for a target audience, you need to figure out just who that target audience is. This may seem blaringly obvious, but too often is this step overlooked, resulting in an ambiguous blog with mixed messages.

In most cases, your blog’s target audience will be the same audience who purchase your services. However, your content will reach a larger audience than just your customers, which is why this audience will vary slightly.

Before creating your blog, imagine your target audience. What’s their rough age, do they live in the same location, what are their interests etc. You may feel silly to begin with, but practising this will make it easier to create content that will hook customers on your brand.

What do they search?

The best way to decide how to tailor your content is to see what your audience is searching for around the topics relevant to your company.

This information will be particularly useful for content creators who may be stuck in a rut with their next article. From this, you can decide on what information they find valuable, and correlate this with the information you’ll be able to provide.

As well as creating valuable content, you’ll also be able to help yourself get a higher search ranking by tackling the topics that you know readers are interested in. As long as you use this information to help you provide genuine and good content, there’s no doubt that you’ll gain a better rating in search.

Relevant and interesting topics

One sure-fire way to get your target audience reading your content is to ensure it’s interesting and above all, relevant. What constitutes as interesting may be subjective to each person, but what constitutes as relevant should not.

If you struggle to find a lot of relevant topics to write on, you can look for help online or have a peek at your competitors to see how they’re doing it – but make sure you don’t steal content!

Where do they find content?

Another great way to gain insight into the mind of your target audience is by finding out where they find their content. This will influence your brand tone of voice (in particular in the blog post, but note that your brand tone of voice should be kept consistent throughout).

Not only will you be able to tell what tone you should be using, but by finding out why they read the content from what angle do the articles take, and if they‘re more conversational or factual.

Hot off the press

No matter what your industry your business is in, you should cover some of your industry‘s news in order to keep important information and changes at the top of your agenda.

The more timely these are, the better, so cover everything you feel is particularly relevant and interesting to your targeted audience by reporting on key events that affect your industry.

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