Looking for a new way to network and expand your knowledge of your industry?

New app Shapr plans to help you do just that.

Hailed as the Tinder of networking, the New York and Paris-based start-up is a “professional and social discovery platform that helps you make trusted connections with new people”.

The app was founded in 2014 by Ludovic Huraux, who, speaking to TechCrunch, explained his motivation behind the app; “I was frustrated because now, [getting connected with others] is very random”.

The app narrows down your network to people in your area so you can easily meet up for a chat, a coffee or even an interview.

The app allows users to sign in via their LinkedIn account and build relationships with a large and often underused pool of potential connections.

You can even define what you’re looking for from the app, whether you’re after a co-founder, new freelance projects or just some ideas and inspiration. You aren’t restricted to matching with people based on their work title either, as you can list any number of hobbies and interests which you may share with others.

Users are limited to five daily introductions to keep networks genuine and akin to an offline connection. This is where the Tinder-likeness becomes uncanny, as of these introductions you can swipe left or right to decide if they seem like a valuable connection. When both people swipe right, they become a match.


And if you’re stuck when trying to strike up a conversation, there are prepopulated messages including “Nice to meet you! Would you like to get coffee sometime?” and “What brings you to this app?” to help break the ice.

Shapr is free and available to download on both iOS and Android.

Will you be trying out Shapr? Tell us your thoughts on the new networking app in the comment section below!

Phil is the Digital Account Manager for Team Organic. With a background in business banking and a passion for Social Media he takes his job seriously with a cheeky smile on his face!