The company formerly known as Snapchat unveiled their first hardware product at the end of September, Spectacles.

Now known as Snap Inc., the creators of the ephemeral video app will be releasing sunglasses which will record ten second video snapshots.

The spectacles will be sold in limited quantities, which will be released “soon” and priced at $130.  

The specs of the specs

Important things first; the glasses come in three colours, teal, coral and black.

The record button sits in the top left hand corner of the frame and, importantly, lights up in an LED circular pattern display when filming.

This feature was included specifically to ensure those around know that they are being filmed – an important quality of Spectacles as Snap Inc. has made it clear it does not endorse filming without permission.

The Spectacles film with a 115-degree view wide lens. The film can be played back on any device both horizontally or vertically, a feature not open to Snapchat users currently.

The videos are stored in Spectacles, but can also be transferred to your device through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. You are then able to edit, share and store the video wherever and whenever you please – a different approach from Snapchat, the platform based on short-lived videos and images.

Spectacles vs Google Glass

They might sound like something straight out of Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror, but haven’t we already been here before with Google Glass?

Google’s failed attempt at camera-enabled glasses was introduced back in 2012, where the concept was entirely new. There’s still plenty of room for improvement however, especially since Google Glass Explorer Edition ceased production back in January 2015.

So, how do we know that the same fate won’t befall Spectacles? Well for one thing, the price. We can name a few designer sunglasses that’ll cost you a lot more than $130. And while they may not be as stylish or to your specific taste, they’re certainly suited to their audience.

Plus, they’re a lot cheaper that Google Glass Explorer Edition, which when in production cost the average user a hefty $1,500 and fell short or its expensive price tag with some very buggy software.

Will you be picking up a pair of Spectacles to try out when they’re released? Leave your comments in the section below or catch us on Twitter or Facebook!

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