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Just starting up your own business? Maybe you are already running an established local business in London but want an online presence and to raise the profile of your brand. Either way, running a business in the capital city is one of the most competitive locations in the World.

It’s no difference online when it comes to trying to dominate Local Google search results for London. You will need to keep one step ahead of your business competition and bring on board an SEO service that works, is affordable and is bespoke to your business (no Gold, Silver and Bronze packages here!)

It really doesn’t matter if you have a brand new website or one that has been sitting around for a long time. Our team will review your individual needs and put together a service and a plan that not only will achieve the online and search goals you want, but will also be within your budget.

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Why Local SEO is important

Getting found in local Google search results has always been important, however it has just become even more vital! With the explosion of mobile phones, mobile search has now actually taken over desktop search. Google are going to great lengths (and money) to make sure that mobile search produces the best results possible for its searchers, that means localised custom search results.

So if you’re running that hip and swanky bar in Shoreditch, you sure want to be top of your search results for a group of people looking to spend the day drinking and eating in your area. Voice search is on the up and one of the top search terms for people looking for local services is: “closest to me” or “in my area.” So a tourist out for the day in London could possibly search: “restaurants closest to me.”

Think about the extra sales and business you would get from being top of those search results. If you were using our local SEO services, not only would you be top and above competition, but that searcher would also be able to look at reviews and get directions to your business, maybe also view a few photos.

Build your online brand

By topping local search results you are immediately building your online brand. People will start to notice your business topping search and although maybe on that day they choose not to select a business, your business brand name has already made its mark. Referral and word of mouth is another great benefit of topping local search in such a city like London.

Build your online brand with us, dominate local search results with our help and watch your business grow.

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Can you imagine the impact of new local customers coming to your website ? If your business isn’t ranked in local search it is currently missing out on lots of new business and customers. London is the place to be for any business, however that also makes it competitive. Even if you’re purely an online business, you are still in competition for local search terms. Get Team Organic on board and start dominating your local search results.
Getting your business brand profile raised on a local level is an absolute must for any serious business. With the Team Organic local SEO service we cover all the bases to make sure you’re top of the stack when it comes to somebody searching your services or product in London. Our social media approach, ability to get your business amazing opportunities in online press and to have you ranking high in Google are a must for any business that wants to grow. Drop us a line for a chat.

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