New emojis, app widgets, Bedtime and swipe to unlock GONE! We give our first impressions.

It’s finally here; the biggest overhaul of the iOS system since well, iOS 9. With the immense community around Apple it’s hard not to have at least some new features spoilt for you but this time even Apple managed to keep a few things quiet.

Having both recently updated our phones I sat with Lauren, Team Organic’s content writer and social media manager, to go through what we like and don’t like about iOS 10.

I based my review on my iPhone 6s and Lauren on her 5s.


Swipe to Unlock is Gone!

The first thing you’ll notice once you’ve updated is the swipe to unlock no longer exists. Instead you are asked to physically push the home button to unlock. Instantly social media lit up with this revelation, outraged by how this will undoubtedly cause more wear and tear to the components. Those of us who had the iPhone 3Gs will remember this being a common problem.

Let’s not forget the untold frustration while we all get use to this new way of using our phones as Lauren explains: “There’s a lot of change in this update which is a bit overwhelming before you’re used to it – especially when you’re trying to swipe your phone to unlock it and it just. won’t. unlock”.

We have however found a little bit of a work around. If you’ve not used your Touch ID before then set this up by going to Settings > Touch ID & Passcode and switching on ‘iPhone Unlock’. You will then be guided through the setting up of your finger print. Once done then go to Settings > Accessibility > Home Button and switch on ‘Rest Finger to Open’. This coupled with the ‘raise to wake (the screen)’ ability means the home button can be spared the constant pressing to unlock.


3D Touch ActionsiOS 10 Quick Menu

Tapping and holding firmly on an app icon will produce a quick options menu. A feature only briefly utilised in iOS 9, this time Apple have made it integral to the functionality of iOS 10. We’ve found a surprising amount of apps already have 3D Touch menus set up and this will only grow as your apps update themselves in the coming weeks and months.




iOS 10 NotificationsNotifications have had a massive overhaul in style and functionality. It also appears a lot more apps are now able to send push notifications while your screen is unlocked.

Though there’s a lot of negativity out there for the new styling we quite like it. The contrast to the previous incarnation is refreshing and really does make iOS 10 feel brand new.



Alarm Clock Night Mode & Bedtime

iOS 10 Alarm Clock

Night mode is a feature we never knew we needed until this update. But now we think about it of course the alarm clock interface should be a darker colour! Making it much easier on the eyes late at night and early in the morning.


What a lovely surprise this was. A brand new feature included within the clock menus, Bedtime asks you what time you go to bed and wake up.

iOS 10 BedtimeFrom here you can set a reminder of when to go to bed because come on, how many of us need a gentle reminder to get off that laptop and get our beauty sleep. An alarm tone can also be set (separate from your normal alarm settings) to wake you at your preferred time.

Bedtime is also capable of recording how long you sleep for (or at least leave your phone alone) and puts this data into the Heath app for use in the many third party health and exercise apps out there.

We like this feature a lot and hope to be making more use of it in the future.



Control CentreiOS 10 Control Centre 1

The historic swipe up menu has been around awhile now. With iOS 10 Apple have actually created more and not less.

iOS 10 Control Centre 2Splitting the music player controls into a separate menu accessed by swiping left actually feels more natural and with the added ability to choose which Bluetooth enabled device the music plays from shows Apple have thought about the future of connectivity and ensured your device is ready for this.





Digital Touch

iOS 10 Digital TouchRumours had been flying round that Apple were looking to take on the likes of Snapchat and Whatsapp but with little detail as to what that looked like.

Digital Touch is basically a way to send drawings and gestures created by touching the black screen that appears when the option is selected. Photos and videos can also be taken from here and drawn on before sending.


iOS 10 Digital Touch GestureTouching the black screen with a pre-set gesture can result in something like a heart or kiss animation appearing on the screen. This can then be sent to your love for them to appreciate. We found this feature a little clunky but its clear Apple have plans to grow this so we’ll keep an eye on it for now.

The biggest down side we can see is the animations only work between compatible iPhones or iPads. So while platforms like Snapchat are universal we don’t think they have much to worry about.


App Widgets

For a while now the swipe right and swipe down menus did seem a bit pointless, underused and forgotten about. So to see it revamped and given purpose is encouraging.iOS 10 App Widgets

Lauren – “I really like new swipe right feature (App Widgets), where it gives you a rundown of stuff you’ve got going on. I even ended up going on the news app and personalising it all so I can get some relevant news without even having to unlock!”

After a little bit of customisation and trying all the widgets available, we found the widget page not only looks good but is actually quite useful! It’s pleasing to see Apple haven’t given up here but instead innovated and improved.



From an iPhone 6s perspective the update does seem to have improved performance and speed, with apps noticeably opening much quicker and smoother than previous.

Unfortunately not all of the new features are available on older devices as Lauren explains: “Without an iPhone 6 or above there are a lot of cool features I don’t get to experience, such as raise to wake. That’s a bit of a downside but from the features I can use, the press home to unlock was the most annoying. Luckily after a bit of googling I realised you can knock it off in Settings!”

Favourite New FeatureiOS 10 News App Widget

As much as it pains me, and even having to do a bit of fiddling in the settings, I have to say I’m enjoying the ‘raise to wake’ and ‘rest finger to unlock’. The latter being a feature I previously had switched off.

As for Lauren “I’ll probably get a lot of use out of the news app now it’s been brought to my attention. I’m also intrigued by the new emoji features, and drawing things to people rather than writing – something new to try even if I only use it a couple of times.”


Have you updated your device? What your favourite and least favourite features? Let us know in the comments.


Phil is the Digital Account Manager for Team Organic. With a background in business banking and a passion for Social Media he takes his job seriously with a cheeky smile on his face!