Instagram announced on Monday morning that it would be implementing heavier use of its bookmarking feature, which has been available since December.

The company have now made this feature more powerful with the added capability to save bookmarked posts into private collections; a feature suspiciously similar to Pinterest’s Boards.


The main difference between the platforms is that you can’t share Instagram’s bookmarked posts with others as you can on Pinterest. However, at the rate Instagram are going, that may only be a temporary measure.

To activate the feature, simply hold down the bookmark button on a post and save it to either a new or existing collection. To view your saved collections, go to the saved posts tab on your profile.

Since Instagram introduced the bookmarking feature in December, the company claims 46% of users have saved at least one post.

The improvements to the bookmarking feature will be particularly handy for those who often save Instagram photos to their phone, only for them to get lost and/or forgotten about when you actually need them.


The Instagram/Snapchat StoryInstagram Bookmarks

Nabbing a feature from another platform is turning out to be Instagram’s speciality, with Instagram Stories case in point.

It wasn’t too long ago that Instagram cloned Snapchat Stories. Not only did it copy the feature, it improved the functionality and allowed users to view stories of influential figures they’re already connected with, rather than having to find out a Snapchat username and manually add them.

Thanks to these tweaks, Instagram Stories managed to surpass the original, with rapidly growing views of Instagram Stories and declining numbers using Snapchat Stories.

This looks like it could be a trend with the Facebook-owned company, in which case Pinterest may want to watch their back.

What’s your opinion of Instagram taking on features from other social channels? Are you an avid Instagrammer, or are you a Pinterest user feeling poached? Leave a comment in the section below and share your thoughts!


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