How do we do it?

You’re probably more concerned about results and getting your website in tip top search engine shape, rather than knowing how we achieve search engine greatness. However, below is a snapshot of areas we will be working on. We strive to increase the quality of web traffic to any project we take on, and to do that involves a number of different approaches.


I bet you have had an email in your inbox from an over friendly SEO agency sales rep, promising you the world via SEO (search engine optimisation). Organic SEO search (the main results in Google search, not adverts) works, but for it to work effectively it has to be driven by someone who has lots and lots of experience. With SEO, it’s not effective to have an average SEO company working on your search engine results, because there will not be any results!

Here at Team Organic we love SEO, in fact it’s safe to say we live and breathe SEO. We know what Google wants from your website and more importantly what it doesn’t want. We will make sure your website is giving a great big thumbs up to Google with your onsite SEO and is doing what it needs to be doing externally to get ranked and loved by new visitors.

Social Media

An important component in the grand scheme of all things search engine and traffic quality. We build and mange your social networks, evolve your social platforms to become effective vessels to communicate with your customers, distribute content about your services and product – and have a bit of fun with your followers! No surprises, Google and your customers will love you for your social activity.

Quality Content

We are lucky to have wonderfully gifted writers at Team Organic HQ. We will let them loose on your blog or maybe social network – or both. Creating both engaging and informative copy that your readers and social networks will use and share. Wherever we unleash them, you’re guaranteed quality content all in the name of your online brand.

Brand Reputation

You should expect any potential new customer to have a search online about your company, before they use it. Bad reviews can spell disaster for online companies, turning new customers away at the first step. We will keep track of your online reputation, help you manage it and positively build your online brand.

Traffic Analytics

There isn’t much point in spending lots of time and effort getting more traffic to your website if you don’t know what it’s doing when it arrives. We monitor and dig deep into your traffic analytics on a daily basis, discovering if you’re getting quality traffic and how it is interacting with your website. Traffic analytics is important; you need the eyes of an expert on yours!

Why Choose Us?

Once we have reviewed your website, we sit down and listen to you. What do you want your website to be doing? Why is it not working for you? Then we put together a plan. You won’t find our expert personal approach being offered anywhere else.
You get monthly updates on all of our work, with reports so you can see progression. Even better, we are available across the working day for a chat, update or a brain storming session. Although we’re an agency, our service is very clear and personable!
because what we do works really well! We are not another rigid SEO company lacking in creative ideas to get your website working – you’re not a number but a very wonderful individual client! We hope you will be pleasantly surprised with our fresh new approach to SEO and Digital Marketing!
Team Organic - How we do it