Social media has dramatically changed the way businesses are perceived by customers. Instead of trying to be as formal as possible to demonstrate professionalism, businesses that play everything close to the vest aren’t as trusted by customers as they used to be.

Instead customers cherish companies that are open about their wishes, and that interact with the customer as much as possible. Social media has made our favourite brands and businesses much more accessible than ever, creating a stronger bond between customer and business.

This is great news for businesses – you can communicate directly with your customers and get personal feedback on your product or service. The catch? Businesses are now much more vulnerable to questioning and must adapt accordingly. Customers no longer wish for the same professionalism from their businesses as they once did. Instead they want to know that there are people behind that logo, and that those people have feelings, just like they do.

So how can your business go about adapting for the modern world of social media, and how can you connect with your audience in a personable way? See below for our top ways to connect with an audience on social media.

Be Funny

You can have all the social media accounts you want, but if you aren’t prepared to have fun with them, just delete them now! The brands that gain the most respect on social media are the ones that have fun, and even a bit of a laugh at themselves. Don’t assume that if you tweet a video of a cat sat on a tortoise that your business isn’t going to be taken seriously. If it made your office have a good laugh during their break then why the heck not share it?

Our favourite Twitter accounts at the moment are innocent drinks and Marmite. Why? They’re really hilarious. If a tweet inspires any kind of emotion in a reader, that person is more likely to remember who tweeted it.

Be Realistic

Not everyone you communicate with on social media is going to be a customer. Your job is finding the people who are most likely to be. But that doesn’t mean you can only interact with the people you want to buy your stuff! One of the main reasons you should be on social media is to just get people talking to, and about, you!

Jumping on hashtags that aren’t directly related to your business aren’t a waste of time. What it shows is that your business is interested in talking about things trending worldwide that may or may not affect your customers. It also shows that your business cares about individuals not just as a supplier.

Tell Them What You Want

Being completely transparent on social media is what makes a business great! Make your posts simple – don’t make readers work too hard to get the information you want to give them. Look at this tweet from innocent drinks about their Christmas promotion:

And the response? Innocent’s followers found it hilarious, of course. Because they drew everyone’s attention the fact that this is a PROMOTION and we want you to BUY THIS. They didn’t mention why it will benefit the customer or try to dupe anyone into parting with money. All these strategies encourage social media users to trust your business, and trusting social media users equals new happy customers.

What’s your Twitter strategy? Leave us a comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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