How to rank higher in Google search, every business website owner wants this answer! Google search can be very complex when figuring out how to make your website be the one Google selects for its first page listings. It’s why many businesses use our search experts to help lift their websites into prime ranking spots. However, there are a few things you can do yourself (if you’re not already) that will help your website at the very least gain more visibility in search engine results.

The important thing is to think like Google, why would it select one website over another. There are over 200 ranking factors (that we know of) that Google will use to place a website, but let’s lookhow to get my website higher in google search results at some of the core factors Google will use in its selection process:

  • Website user experience: User experience is very important to Google. They don’t want a user to arrive from a Google suggested search to a website that is slow or non relevant to the initial search. Keep your website on topic, make sure the load time of your website is quick and make navigating your website a pleasure, not a chore. Google can see how long people hang around your website. If visitors are arriving and turning away, it’s not going to hold very well in search.
  • Content: There is no quick magic switch to get your website higher in Google, be prepared to work on it daily which includes creating content. Maybe you have a website blog or ‘how to’ resource section for your business. Whatever area you produce content for, make it original, engaging and regular. If you have a blog and it hasn’t had a new post for around a few weeks, you’re doing it wrong!
  • Social: You need to be active across at least one social network, offering up help, advice and useful content to followers. Google wants a website to have authority around its product or service and social signals are a good way to indicate to Google that you offer knowledge and are a trustworthy website.
  • Website copy: I think we have all been to a website at some point and been hit with a wall of spammy web copy. Lots of keywords stuffed into a page, it just doesn’t read correctly nor makes much sense. People will sometimes try and trick the Google bots with stuffed keywords over their web pages, thankfully Google has evolved and will apply a search penalty to anyone seen doing this to a website. When you write your web copy, write it for your visitors not the search engine bots!
  • Mobile: Search via mobile is quickly growing and in many cases has passed desktop search. You need to ensure your website is mobile friendly, Google now actually adds a ‘mobile friendly’ tag to websites that pass their mobile test. Try yours out here, did it pass? >

The above tips are really just scratching the surface when it comes to getting your website higher in Google and maintaining a prime rank in search results. It will however help the cause if you are not already doing it. It’s also about the quality of traffic to your website and what it is doing when it arrives.

Here at Team Organic we are confident to claim we’re search experts. For over 10 years we have dealt with many different websites, all at different business stages and each requiring different approaches to get it ranking high and increasing sales. If you’re having difficulty ranking in Google and have tried to get your website high in search results without much success, drop us a line. We offer a free website review and work with all different sizes of businesses, from startups through to established online businesses.


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