Building a Facebook page might seem like a fairly straightforward process. But there are some things to consider before you start ploughing in and following Kim Kardashian and Cheryl Cole. Follow this easy guide to set up a professional and credible Facebook page that will get you likes in no time.


Before you begin a Facebook page everything needs to be mapped out, written down and strung across a corkboard like a murder investigation. Ok maybe it’s not that bad. But it is important toHow to Build a Facebook Page remember the moment you click publish, you’re being judged by the world. And no one wants to see lots of changes in the first few weeks.

With this in mind, you need to remember to have your profile picture and cover photo ready to go. It might not seem important, but online you need to retain thorough professionalism. It’s a good idea to have your profile picture as your logo. The cover photo is a lot more flexible, with people using hashtags, an explanation of their company or even just a photo reflecting their values.


CREATE CONTENT BEFORE YOU MAKE A FACEBOOK PAGE. This is the golden rule of creating any social media account or even before starting a website. If you start creating all the social media accounts for your company and following lots of people, you’ll hit a wall where you realise you haven’t actually got any content to share; apart from hilarious gifs.

Sharing other people’s content is a great way to connect and earn some likes, but it also isn’t doing your site any favours. The purpose of a Facebook page is to drive traffic to your business website and get people recognising your brand – don’t forget it!


Learning about your key demographic before setting up a Facebook page will help immensely when it comes to trying to connect with your customers. You’ll be able to like interests you know they will have and message people directly who may be interested.

The alternative is to set up a page and like pages blindly, hoping that someone might be interested in your company – maybe yoga instructors are in need of Hollywood props? You’re not going to push your brand particularly well by working this way, and hoping the fates have aligned for you. Get your business head on and work with the cold hard facts.

Have you recently set up a Facebook page for your business? Is there anything you would do differently? Leave the link in the section below!

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