Ever since online marketing has become the go-to form of marketing for businesses, it seems the need for Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM) is dead. Instead of relying on a reputation passed around through recommendations and referrals, we’ve become a generation where Twitter Ads and email marketing campaigns are what push us to choose a brand.

Although the build-up of an online presence is vital in 2016 for a successful and recognisable brand, businesses are quickly beginning to neglect the idea of word of mouth marketing and the potential it has to push a brand forward.

Rather than focusing solely on acquiring new customers, you should take care of the ones you already have – and they will do the marketing for you.

What is Slack

One of the start-ups that embraces WOMM as their sole source of advertisement were the makers of Slack.2b26437d72e949db88e62d251c736c45

Slack is a cloud-based team collaboration tool that allows staff to send messages, images, documents and PDFs to other members of the team. The app began as an internal tool used by the company, but the word soon got out – and now offices around the world are relying on Slack for the transferring of information.

New Email

The app has been branded as the new email by multiple critics. It’s a less formal, but trackable form of communication that can make a team become more secure. With email, it can be difficult to converse with one person on multiple projects that need updating without it becoming messy.

Slack’s channels have solved this issue, as the layout of them allows people to contribute to different topics. It’s easier to re-find this information when it is needed unlike with email.

Useful Features

There’s a number of useful features that make communicating within your team easier than ever. The integration system Slack offers with a number of different platforms makes connecting your other services to the app a breeze. Some of the platforms you can connect to Slack include:

  • MailChimp
  • Google Drive
  • Twitter
  • Trello
  • Stripe
  • Zapier
  • Dropbox
  • Skype

Slack’s integrations make the app the main form of communication for most businesses. The marketing team can get a notification every time the company is mentioned in a tweet. The sales team can see every sale made using Stripe and you can even create updates as to when your employees arrive at work.

Slack and WOMM

So where does WOMM come into it?

Slack recently won the 9th annual Crunchies Awards, receiving the fastest rising start-up award. With such an accolade, you would assume an awful lot of online marketing went into the project to get the word out.

In fact, Slack did the complete opposite. The tech company gained their first customers entirely through WOMM, relying on it almost completely for their growth. With this they gained 500,000 daily active users on their first birthday.

Finding the Sweet Spot

It would be rare to find a tech start up that doesn’t use Slack, as many rely on it for all team communication. Once Slack broke into the tech start-up world, they started to step up their online advertising so they could break into other industries that required a better form of team communication.

Once you’ve built up a firm business off the back of WOMM the step to increase the online marketing allows both retention and acquisition marketing to work in harmony. This is the sweet spot where you can keep your marketing for future growth – and is a great way for any new start-up to handle their marketing strategy.

Do you rely on WOMM or are you all about the online marketing? Leave us a comment below and let us know about your strategy!

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