Digital Marketing for your small business

Too many websites languish on the lower pages of search engines, getting no visitors from search and making no sales. Just building a website isn’t Digital marketing servicesenough, in fact it’s the very start of the journey to start turning it into your shop window, your focal point for customers. A successful small business website means a successful business. You do however need to put in lots of hard work to create your successful website, that’s where we come in! Digital Marketing encompasses lots of different things, it’s knowing what to do and how to do it correctly to achieve maximum online impact.

It’s time to start telling the online world about your business, let people know where to go and how to get it. Now is the time to raise the profile of your online brand, get your competitors looking over their shoulder, start attracting new customers over to your website rather than theirs!

Build solid foundations for your business by engaging with online industry press, maybe you could become an authoritative adviser for others around your industry, bringing yet more exposure to your brand. Team Organic will research suitable press opportunities for your brand and source plenty of online PR opportunities for your business. If online customers can’t hear you, they won’t find you – time to bang that drum!

Digital Marketing – How do we do it?

Digital marketing is a combination of different strategies. That’s why it’s important you find the right combination for your website and business.

Here at Team Organic we understand every business is different. Because of this, we review each website with an open mind. We take on new clients based on their want for improvements. We don’t cherry pick industries because they’re easy.

Once a website review has been completed, we set out our strategies and get to work. This can involve content writing, setting up and managing social media channels, as well as completing the necessary SEO work to get your website firing on all cylinders.

The high quality content we create is not only built into the core of our SEO improvements but also shaped to maximise engagement and lead generation through a proven social media strategy that makes the most of every inch of information available about your business.

If applicable, we are able to outreach to industry publications to profile, showcase or knowledge share under the banner of your brand. Doing so increases the reach and audience of your online presence, while also solidifying SEO roots in a compliant and organic way.

Overall, we are passionate about getting the right strategies in place for your business to ensure your website, social channels and online presence work at their best.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is digital marketing of my business necessary? If you want to generate sales via your website, rise above your competition in search results and have a strong online brand – Yes!
  • How will I know digital marketing is working? We send monthly reports showing the work we have completed coupled with activity reports from the likes of Google analytics. You should also notice an uplift in enquiries to your business.
  • What if my business doesn’t have a brand? We can help design and focus on what makes your business stand out among the other businesses in your field.
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