When a tweet from an unhappy customer pops up, it can be tempting to ignore it and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, this isn’t going to win you any favours, a new study has found.

The survey, conducted by Twitter in collaboration with Applied Science, has revealed that customers who receive a reply from a business regarding a customer service Tweet are willing to spend 3 to 20% more on a product from that same company.

And that doesn’t just go for the rosy ‘Thank you for a great service’ tweets either. 69% of people who Tweeted negatively to a business said they feel more positive about the brand after a timely response from the business.

Twitter’s research manager, Wayne Huang, wrote, “Businesses have known for years that great customer service engenders brand loyalty; this research shows a wide range of additional benefits to businesses.”Customer Service Tweets Are Worth the Hassle, Survey Finds

“We found that […] customers who received replies were more satisfied with their experience, more willing to recommend the business, and willing to pay more money for that business’s products in the future—especially if the consumer received a response quickly”.

In the company blog post, Huang went on to comment on the potential savings businesses can make by embracing the potential of customer service interactions on Twitter.

He wrote, “And these benefits come at a lower cost compared to other channels: according to McKinsey & Company, support interactions on social cost 1/6th of those in a call center.

“Combined with the revenue potential, favourability, satisfaction, and recommendation impact of these interactions, businesses can benefit significantly from investing in helping their customers on Twitter.”

It can also work wonders for brand recommendations too. Customers who tweeted a brand and received a helpful response were also 44% more likely to share their experience and 30% more likely to recommend the brand.

Huang commented, “Responding also increases word-of-mouth activity, likeliness to recommend, and customer satisfaction.”

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