Running a small business? We’re guessing you don’t have much spare time on your hands and what time there is, you’re probably having a nap! However, it’s important to make time in your busy schedule to be social. We don’t mean heading out to the pub, but to be socially active online for your business. Facebook and Twitter provide two amazing platforms for your business, but they need to be used on a daily basis to see any return.

Creating a social footprint online for your business and brand will bring you lots of things. Firstly, you get to connect with your customers – how good is that? You get to find out what products theySmall business social media like or what service they think is really great. Maybe you have some news about your business, or you are about to roll out a great offer or promotion. If you have a social network that is active, responsive and welcoming, this is a perfect way to spread the word.

Another advantage of allocating time to your business social media is that your brand, both online and offline with grow. If customers are seeing your business logo alongside quality social media activity, being involved with business communities and offering up advice, they will begin to trust in you and your business. Social media will increase offline ‘word of mouth’ referrals, one of the best ways to get new customers into your business.

Make time and stick to it

Whether it’s you or someone else who will be the ‘voice’ on your social media accounts, look across the working day and allocate a time that you will give to social. Check out what business hours run on Twitter, what days and times. Think about when your customers are likely to use social media – would they be browsing at lunchtime or maybe in the evening? There are tools to help you schedule and automate your social postings. These are great, but don’t fall into the trap of automating all your posts and be sure to check in on any responses, likes and questions.

Be social and build your online communities and overtime you will start to see the benefits. If you would like Rank Above to handle you social media, check out our social media service and drop us a line!

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