With a record number of new business websites registered already this year, it’s no wonder being your own boss is hot on the agenda. But what about being your own marketing department?

Business PlanBe Your Own Boss But Don't Forget The Marketing Department

It’s likely that you’re sitting down with your business plan in front of you, mapping out your first steps into the world of being your own boss.

Most business plans will include the following questions:

  • Who are your customers?

Customer profile, age range, interests and industries.

  • What places and platforms are your customers likely to use to shop for your kind of services?

Social media, digital marketing, magazines or other forms of advertising.

Once answered you now have the basic data of a marketing campaign.

Social Media

You’ve probably already registered one social media channel for your business. What’s important is that you have registered the right social media channels.

Deciding on the right channels for you will take a bit of research and experimentation. Looking at your competitors social media is usually a good place to start. If you’ve not tried a channel before then don’t be afraid to sign up and give it a go. Don’t worry if you find some channels aren’t suitable for your business. You don’t have to be seen on every social media platform, just the ones that work best for you and your customers.

Digital Marketing

We’ve covered social media but isn’t it just part of digital marketing? Yes but digital marketing as a whole is much bigger than the sum of its parts.

Marketing on a digital level is, but not exclusive to, the strategies, goals and branding used online to represent your business. Combining a number of strategies like social media, blogging, pay per click advertising and email campaigns can create a winning formula to reach those goals. Finding the right balance and allocating your time in the right places is vital in any digital marketing strategy. If you feel you’re wasting time on one particular area then you’re probably right.

Business Website

The vast majority of businesses will need a website if only for a central point for clients to contact you. However, having a correctly optimised and attractive business website is key to all business digital marketing strategies as it’s a strong tool in increasing sales.

Search Engine Optimisation

Not everyone has the time to learn and implement SEO techniques. What is important however is that you understand why SEO integral to your business website.

Search engine optimisation is the task of ensuring your business’s online presence is found in a clear and consistent manner and is easily categorised by search engines and their users alike. This includes your geographical location – especially useful for local businesses or for capturing web traffic in certain parts of the world.

Hiring a Marketing Department

If what we have discussed sounds quite time consuming to you, and with enough on your plate running the business you feel digital marketing isn’t a priority, then there is a solution: There are digital marketing agencies who will take on this responsibly for you.

And that’s exactly what we do. At Team Organic we do all of the above and more. We engage existing and new businesses with customised SEO and digital marketing strategies that suit their needs and goals.

We start by providing a free, no obligation website review here. Our report will highlight what you can do as well as what we can do to improve your website, social media and digital marketing strategy.

If you have any questions for us or about the services we provide, you can also get in touch with us here.

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Phil is the Digital Account Manager for Team Organic. With a background in business banking and a passion for Social Media he takes his job seriously with a cheeky smile on his face!