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About Phil

Phil is the Digital Account Manager for Team Organic. With a background in business banking and a passion for Social Media he takes his job seriously with a cheeky smile on his face!

Facebook to Show Less Slow Loading Websites in Your News Feed

By |August 3rd, 2017|

Are you sharing links to your website on Facebook? Your SEO now affects if you’re seen on the social platform’s news feed, as Facebook changes their algorithm to show less slow loading websites. […]

Does Your Social Media Strategy Affect Your SEO?

By |July 28th, 2017|

At Team Organic, we offer social media management as part of our service to improve your SEO and increase brand awareness. However, we’re regularly quizzed on how being active on social media has an effect on SEO. […] Takes on Scheduling Tools With Latest Update

By |July 20th, 2017|

TechCrunch recently reported a brand new update by; a scheduling system for your social media channels. […]

Team Organic Turns Two Years Old – Happy Birthday to us!

By |June 2nd, 2017|

This June Team Organic turns two years old! And what a two years it has been!

Today also happens to be National Doughnut Day. That’s more than a coincidence we think. […]

Is Your Brand Being Damaged by Social Media Faux Pas’?

By |May 26th, 2017|

Could your business be committing social media faux pas’ that are affecting your online reputation?

We discuss the things you might be doing that are holding back your brand online. […]

How your business can make the most of Facebook Live

By |May 17th, 2017|

Facebook Live is the latest trend for businesses on social media. So how can your business make the most of what Facebook Live has to offer? […]

Vodafone Closes Pager Business – Did Pagers Pave The Way For Smartphones?

By |May 12th, 2017|

As Vodafone closes its pager business, we ask if the pager of the 90s and early 00s influenced the notification heavy smartphones of today? […]

Should Your Business Get Political Online?

By |May 11th, 2017|

Sometimes with social media, it’s easy to forget your social channels represent your brand. It’s especially important to be mindful of this when it comes to politics.

With the General Election just around the corner, should your business get political online? […]

#teamorganicFAQs – Why isn’t my website bringing in business?

By |May 3rd, 2017|

For the last in the current series of #teamorganicFAQs we’re going to finish on the most commonly asked question; “Why isn’t my website bringing in business?” When a business approaches us, this is usually their main concern, and with good reason! Why pay for a website when it’s not pulling its weight in growing the business? […]

#teamorganicFAQs – Does social media for businesses actually work?

By |April 26th, 2017|

While most have it, we’re regularly asked if social media actually works for businesses. Well, let us explain. […]