Working from home is great. You can do your work sat on your own sofa, update accounts while checking Twitter and watch multiple videos of dogs not catching toys (look it up – you won’t regret it). So when the wonderful world of the internet is taken away from you, how do you go on? It’s not just the videos you need after all, it will have a real impact on how much work you can complete.

When the router decides it doesn’t feel like working, don’t despair. There was a time when people were able to work without the internet (shocking, we know) so there’s no reason you shouldn’t be7 Ways You Can Stay Productive able to plough on now. If you find yourself at the end of your tether, try one of these tips to help you stay productive, even when you can’t get online.

Head Outside

Before the internet was invented, many people enjoyed going outside – a concept foreign to our 21st Century selves. We kid, of course, but you will find some real benefits of heading out for a stroll when you can’t get connected online.

A refreshing change of scene will give you some new found energy, as well as blowing away those cobwebs! Most people feel guilty being away from their laptops, as it’s obvious that you’re not working. Clearing your head and getting space is (surprisingly) better for you than hitting your router in frustration – so don’t underestimate the power of giving your laptop some space. Hopefully by the time you return, things will be up and running!

Write Your Diary

Freelancers and contractors don’t get as much time to themselves as they should. The constant stress and strain of finding your own clients means they can’t relax without strict time away from the computer. Neglecting opportunities for me-time is a bad choice – it will only mean you will require sick days when you’re further down the line – a luxury not offered to freelancers!

Keeping a diary is a great way to track personal goals. It’s also good for letting off steam when your other half forgets to put a wash on. Spend a little time mindlessly writing your thoughts down so you can organise them and decide what to do with them. Sometimes there will be a gem of an idea in there.

Make Phone Calls

You could be so used to conversing with your clients over email that you forget what their voices sound like. Email has become such an efficient way of contacting others that it’s now the norm, but it’s also incredibly impersonal.

When you can’t access your emails pick up the phone and speak to your clients. In fact, every now and again when you can access your emails, still pick up the phone.  You will be showing off your personal side to your clients and displaying interest in your work for them – everything sounds much more genuine over the phone!

Be Creative

Make jam, take up the xylophone or make art with post-it notes! Whatever creative hobby you have, this is the time to indulge it. If you’re a freelance artist or writer this is the perfect time for you. Get your head down without any distractions and let your inner creativity flow. When we aren’t constantly glued to a screen we have time to take in inspiration and come up with ideas for projects, which can really help our productivity levels.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to be a particularly creative human, don’t disregard it. There’s something that suits everyone, so if being artsy isn’t for you try coming up with new business ideas, or designing hats (because why not?).


Having a shelf full of books might look impressive, but if they’re all unread you’re missing out on a golden opportunity! Use your time unplugged to recuperate with a cuppa and a good book. Don’t feel like your time away from the web means the only acceptable book is one by Danielle Steel. Extend your business knowledge with one of these business book suggestions!

Make a Playlist

If all else fails, make a playlist to take your mind off the lack of working internet. It’s rare that you’ll get another opportunity to have this amount of time without a mountain of emails to attend to, so why not do the things you never have time to?

If you find working to music helps you get on with a project then this is a great opportunity. Sort yourself out a ‘work playlist’ and a ‘home playlist’ to differentiate between your music and give your mind a break from work when you just want to chill out!


Maybe your internet being down is the universe’s way of saying you need a break. And who can argue with that logic? Underestimating the power of a touch of R&R can seriously affect your work balance, and cause you much more stress than you need. If you needed an excuse to head to a posh spa for some professional relaxation, this is it!

What are your tips for being productive when the internet is down? Leave your suggestions in the comment box below!

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