If you’re running a small business, one of the first things you probably did was create a Twitter account with your snazzy new logo and a link to your website. You could have been posting regularly since then, but realised that increasing your visibility on an uber-competitive timeline is something of an art.

There’s a fine line between being successful and spamming your followers with tweets, so follow these easy steps to get the most from the platform and increase your sales through social.Twitter visibility

Follow and be followed

Following is pretty necessary to grow your online community. However, following back every person who follows you is not. Mindless following of people is just a numbers game, and doesn’t guarantee your content to be seen by people who are interested – just by those who are after follows.

Take time to find the top influencers in your industry. You’ll get a better return on investment by being clever about who you follow, rather than trying to follow everyone. Finding a list of people in your industry can help cut down time while you’re doing this. Speaking of…


As an alternative to subscribing to lists other people have created, make your own. It will draw more people to your profile and provided you include all the right people and accounts, it’ll be helpful for you too! People are notified when someone joins them to a list, and can see the list name. This is a touch more personal than just another follower notification, and using a flattering title like ‘Industry Influencers’ can intrigue and make users more likely to get involved.

There are so many varieties of list types you can create, but starting with one for people of interest is a good way to begin. Once you’re more confident you can branch out; create a list of potential customers, a list of entrepreneurs and a list of businesses you’d be interested in working with.

Speak up!

You might be posting the most interesting content in your industry but if you aren’t engaging with other accounts you aren’t going to get very far. Get to know your Twitter community by commenting, liking and retweeting other content instead of scheduling it with your own.

Accounts will thank you for a retweet and start a conversation – which is exactly what you need! Getting into talks with others (even if they’re other businesses) gives your company a chance to exercise your brand voice, with an assurance that at least one person is listening.

Grow a community

Following can only go so far. Engaging with people on your timeline is a good start, but to really get your industry noticing you, take part in hashtag hours. There are tonnes of various hours, some local and others global, that anyone is welcome to take part in.

They’re often themed around the industry, and with new topics to talk about regularly, you’ll never run out of content to put up. There are also several small business hours which can be useful for connecting with startups and sharing tips!


When Twitter begun way back in 2006 the crazy new concept of hashtags was borne. No one seemed to quite know what to make of them – especially when they started appearing in odd places like magazines and TV ads – until they blew up.

Nowadays we have difficulty saying a sentence without adding a hashtag on the end simply out of habit; so where can they get your business? Using hashtags (not just on Twitter) has the potential to increase your posts’ visibility along with the right keywords. You can also jump on trending hashtags (with discretion) to get profile clicks.

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