With 1.65 billion monthly active users in the first quarter of 2016, the marketing potential for Facebook is huge. Unfortunately, it also means that competition is high too.

If you want to get your profile seen, keep on top of your marketing game with these Facebook business page tips.

Experiment with posting times

Even if you’re posting fantastic content, there’s a chance it’s not getting seen, at least not by your target audience.Facebook Business Page

Increase the likelihood of post visibility by using analytical tools like Facebook Insights to find out when your audience is online.

Once you’ve found the best time to post, don’t stick to what you know. Regularly changing posting times will keep you appealing to different audiences. Try mixing up your times based on Insights to gain a higher, and more diverse reach.

Get visual

Facebook users are all about photos. Include graphics that reflect your brand to get more engagement. A tool like Landscape can help you save time by cropping your images to the perfect size for Facebook, which will make them look more attractive in feeds.

If you want to get the most from being on Facebook, you’ll won’t stop at photos.

Live video feed has become hugely popular, and is a great way to keep people engaged with your business. Film anything from a live Q&A to a sneak peek of your offices. This will offer value to users while bringing attention to yourself and your brand.

Fill in your ‘about’ section

The ‘about’ section of your page is an opportunity to shamelessly market your business. Fill out each section as fully as possible to keep Facebook users informed and optimize your page for keywords.

Be as clear as possible so people know what your business is about and use this section for your best copy that displays the tone of your brand.

You can keep it short and simple to get to the point and show clearly what you have to offer.

Optimize for mobile

In March 2016 there were 1.51 billion mobile active users on Facebook. If your page isn’t optimized for mobile, it should be.

You can optimize for mobile by testing your page on a variety of devices and seeing how it performs on each.

A must for mobile optimisation is making sure you have call-to-action phrases which are in line with page goals (see below).

Create a clear page goal

What do you hope to gain from having a Facebook business page? Is it to drive traffic to your main website? Or maybe it’s to get more people interacting with your brand? Create a clear page goal to point users in the right direction.

Having one main goal will increase the likelihood of people actually doing it, compared to having several smaller goals. Once you’ve defined your goals you can market your page more effectively and measure performance more accurately.

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