For many employers, social media is something that should be removed completely from the office. After all, how can employees possibly concentrate when the temptation to have a scroll on Facebook, tweet their latest thought or send a quick Snapchat from their desk is so tantalisingly close?

For those employers, we have some news: social media is the best thing for your office. In fact, you should encourage your employers to use it more often.

It encourages employees to take a break5 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Employees to Use Social Media in the Office

Working an eight hour day can be gruelling even if your office has table tennis, a bean bag area and a nap room. Long hours of concentration can really take their toll – especially if you forget to get up every once in a while because you’re so engrossed in your work.

Luckily, social media is here to save the day! Employees work best when they’re taking regular breaks, and social media may be the very thing your staff need to help them do that.

Getting up to show another colleague a funny tweet, or share with the office a hilarious cat meme can provide short breaks for staff that aid their concentration in the long run. It can also provide a great morale booster; because who doesn’t want to see a picture of a grumpy cat?

Opening communication

When you walk through the office and notice a few employees taking breaks by ignoring colleagues and staring at their phones, believing that social media could be the answer to creating a more open communication between staff may seem a little farfetched.

However, it’s called ‘social’ media for a reason. Encouraging employees to open the lines of communication between themselves and others through social media, whilst in work can also encourage them to communicate more freely with those around them as they’re already practising those skills.

This can also be a great way for your business to interact with other businesses; an important part of any social media and digital marketing strategy.

Inspiring staff to collaborate

There’s something that growing work messaging apps like Slack have taught us, and that’s that there is a space for employee communication online.

Essentially a Whatsapp group for colleagues, it encourages users to share ideas and collaborate in a way that’s much less daunting than walking up to someone’s desk and asking them about ‘perhaps’ working on an idea ‘if they fancy it’.

However, using an online app can allow employees to review their approach and adjust it accordingly, making them more confident with approaching others and collaborating more frequently as a result.

Social media can help your search for new employees

If you’re a small business wanting to grow your company with the addition of new recruits, it can be difficult. While you have the upper hand as the employer, finding the right employee can be tough.

Fortunately social media can help you expand your search without the added hassle and expense of agencies. You can spread the word by advertising the position on your social media sites and reaching out to individuals you think might be suited to the job on sites such as LinkedIn.

You can also get employees involved by asking them to spread the word. If it’s a similar position to theirs the likelihood of them knowing people who may also be interested in working in the same field will be large.

And if you can’t beat them…

Not only should you allow your employees to use social media as a short break from their work; you should actively encourage it.

Motivate employees using social media at the office to like, follow and share the company pages. You might even want to let your employees share posts from the company accounts to give your followers a particularly personal insight into your company.

Is social media at the office an encouraging yes or a certain no? Drop us a comment with your thoughts in the section below or use every ironic bone in your body to get in touch on Twitter or Facebook!

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