For retail and eCommerce companies, Instagram is the perfect way to promote your products.

The visual social media platform allows businesses to be as creative as they want with their product images, and involve their customers in every step of the process. While Twitter and Facebook have their own uses, Instagram is the platform that will get you a recognisable brand awareness: As long as you’re prepared to commit.

If you’re unsure about how to market your brand on Instagram, or you really just don’t know where to begin with it, here are some of the most successful small businesses already using the platform. Keep scrolling for some social media inspiration!

Excelsior Candle Co.

This Minnesota-based candle company have honed their brand and taken it to the next level of display with Instagram.

Lemon & Rosemary scented soy candles are now available @urbanpatina

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These guys create stunning candles, and top it off by showcasing them perfectly on social media. Rather than just updating picture after picture of candles, the company documents just what inspires them to create a new scent, or even just upload something they’ve been up to recently. This mixture means there’s nothing old about their feed, and you’re bound to be delighted with the minimalist vibe they send out.

Hawthorne and Ivory

A little bit closer to home, this Liverpool-based wedding stationery company are giving off all the right signals over on their Instagram account. Wedding stationery is the perfect sell for a platform dedicated to aesthetically pleasing pics, and this company have got the right formula.

This Etsy seller is the perfect example of why you should fire up your own business’ Instagram account immediately. It’s simple enough to document a few aspects of your day and upload an attractive product picture every once in a while – plus it will work wonders for your marketing strategy.

Zil Nature Ltd

This natural skin care company won’t just help you think more about what ingredients are in the moisturisers you buy. Their Instagram is filled with delicious healthy meals that will help you see what it means to know your audience and their interests.

Zil Nature Ltd also make a comment of keeping the comments interesting with facts and benefits of different kinds of food. When building your own Instagram, it’s important to remember that posting the picture isn’t the end of it – you need to be willing to engage with your audience and show them what your business has to say.  


Are you thinking of starting your own business Instagram? What techniques will you be using? Leave your comments in the section below!

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